Thursday, February 12, 2009

Compare and Contrast

Radio is the first communication tool in world. Without radio, people cannot communicate by each other. Now in 21 st century, radio is used as new way of enjoying audio entertainment.
The Philips 308U is old radio model from Philips Company and manufactured in 1967. The feature of Philips 308U is the speaker of this model is attached to the radio. This old model radio has classic analog screen and manual tuning that very hard to find the frequency of any channel. The Philips 308U only has FM aerial to receiving radio waves from the air. This model also has audio meter that can display the volume of the sound. The Philips 308U has microphone connection to let anyone to sing or speak with loud voice.
The Philips WAS5000 model is updated radio, a revolution from Philips 308U model and manufactured in 2007. Philips’ new Streamium Wireless Music Systems, offering a revolutionary new way of enjoying audio entertainment. This new model has digital screen that show frequency and time. This model has double surround speaker that can give greater sound to the listener. Philips WAS5000 model has wireless music systems aerial that provide listeners a simple and sophisticated way to enjoy their entertainment – all without wires, or even the need for an Internet connection. This new radio model also has a remote control make easy way to change the song or channel. Philips WAS5000 model has automatic tuning. It also has CD player that can play songs from CD. This model also has amplifier which can make sound quality better.
As a conclusion, the Philips WAS5000 model is a better choice for nowadays usage.