Sunday, March 1, 2009

Skyscraper Creates Own Energy

This skyscraper, to be built in Dubai, is called the Burj Al-Taqa ('Energy Tower'), and it will produce 100percent of its own power.

Burj Al-Taqa's cylindrical shape is designed to expose as little surface area to the sun as possible.A protective solar shield reaches from the ground to the roof, covering 60 degrees of the giant circular building. It protects the side most affected from the sun's glaring rays, making sure that none of the rooms are exposed to direct sunlight.

The architects chose an ancient Persian architectural feature as their model.The buildings, which have now become tourist attractions, have a natural air conditioning system.

Seawater will be used to pre-cool the air. Three large cooling units in the giant building's cellar will eventually lower the temperature .

The Burj Al-Taqa seems like the most recent example of a trend that has been observable for some time. In large cities such as Chicago, New York or Paris, environmentally friendly skyscrapers are being built that win ecological awards and apparently herald a new green wave in the construction of tall buildings.

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