Saturday, March 14, 2009

Teenagers, Beware the Pitfalls!

I just read the article title "Teenagers, Beware the Pitfalls". This article tells about the pitfall which is important for teenagers like us to know it. Its can helps us to avoid trouble and have a happier teenage hood.
There are three categories that can helps us to prevent from pitfalls. The first is studies. We owe it to ourselves and our parents to put our best effort in our studies. Complete that piece of assignment or revise what we have learn before we are decide to hanging out with our friends.So, studies should become first.
Second are parents. Parents will do anything to prevent their children from getting hurt. However, we always think that parents do not understand us and we are unable to communicate with them. Try we put ourselves in their shoes, we will know how our parents think and feel.The third is friends. How you can distinguish the good and the bad friends. For this, we have learn to see through people. Hold on to sound moral values and principles.
Being the teenagers is not an easy things, right? So, be sticking with the three categories..

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